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Free Contests - Better Your Business

A good way for your website to start getting some extra traffic is by hosting some free contests on there. Running free contests on your website can also help you understand your customers better in a way. You can see their main interests by age groups and genders all by having some simple free contests on your website. Another great thing about having free contests is collecting customer emails so you can contact them about new giveaways and product promotions.

Can think of what to offer as prizes for your free contests? Well you can start with some of your own products. But if your company does not sell products you can always give away services for your free contests. If that’s not enough to keep up with high demands you can try partnering up with another business that is interested to run free contests.

People that come to join these free contests are only in it for themselves. They will be asking themselves what the benefit from these free contests and if it is worth it. You have to show them that you are not asking them to do much for them to win reasonable prizes. This is something you must keep in mind with free contests that the prizes have to be something people cannot refuse and they are in some way useful. Think of it this way, would these prizes excite you and if not then the free contests might not work so well.

When planning to host free contests you must determine the uptime for the free contests. Your free contests can not be too short or too long. Free contests that go on for a short time will not give you enough time to get the right amount of publicity. Free contests that run for too long will lose customers attention and will be forgotten about.

Now you must think about the whole design for your free contests and how it will all work together. This step is about designing web pages and forms to supply all the requirements for free contests. How to the customers participate in free contests? Do they send an email or fill out a form or even complete an exiting challenge for it? Make sure before you publish your free contests get a few tests out with co-workers and friends to make sure everything is running smoothly. Do not forget to have a page for terms and conditions for your free contests so there won’t be any problems with customers. Also make sure to tell the customers how they will be announced of the results of the free contests.

Once you have your free contests ready it is time to let everyone know about it. You have to work hard on promoting free contests because free contests without publicity are nothing at all. The first place you would promote free contests is your website and then on partners websites, newsgroups, and wherever you can stick an announcement. Do not feel the need to only promote free contests online you can also tell your friends when you see them and they can pass the word on. Do not forget your current customers by sending them information on your new free contests and telling them to refer to friends and family. The way to get the most out of it is to keep promoting it until your free contests are finished.