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Recording a Phone Call In Canada

Is it legal to record a phone call in Canada? Most people wouls say NO - but that is because they watch USA TV and thhink USA laws apply to Canada. They Do not! In Canada you can record a call you are a part of  without informing anyone else on the line or asking their permission. Section 184 .2 (A) OF THE CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA  However, You can not record a conversation that you are not a part of. That would be a criminal offence and the maximum Penalty is 5 years in Prison. 

Years ago I got into the habit of recording calls where customers were giving me instructions on what I was to do for them. This was a very useful tool. As my notes were not always the best. Several times a client told me that they did not tell me something. When I played it back they apologized. More recently I was talking to the collections department of the CRA about a dispute I had with them and they said it was CRA policy not to aloow their comments to be recorded. When I said to them that if they were not saying anything inappropiate or wrong - why would they object? Their answer " it is CRA policy not to allow their conversations o be recorded.

On one hand the Government is saying that if we are not doing anything wrong we don't have to worry about Bill C-51 but on the other hand they are saying you can not record what Government representatives are saying. 

There are smartphone apps to record conversations. Also, you can purchase low cost devices to attach to landlines. I think it is a smart investment.

A few years ago a riend of mine was going through a messy breakup. I advised him to record his calls. His ex threatened to call the Police and accuse him of sexual assault.

He was so happy he took my advice.