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Ethel loves to charge around the nursing home in her wheelchair. Due to her eccentric nature, other residents tolerate her behavior and even play along. As Ethel speeds down one corridor, a door opens and a man steps out with his arm outstretched. "STOP!" he says in a firm voice. "Have you got a license for that thing?" Ethel fishes around in her handbag and pulls out a candy wrapper. "OK," he says and she goes on her way. As she rounds the next corner, another man steps in front of her and shouts, "STOP! Do you have a valid taxi medallion for your vehicle, madam?" Ethel digs into her handbag again and pulls out a beer coaster. "Looks good," he says and sends her on her way. Going down the final corridor, a third man steps in front of her. He is stark naked and holds an erection in his hand. "Oh no," says Ethel, "Not the breathalyzer again!"



Distracted Driving and Drinking and Driving

Stop Drinking and Driving

Has any one reading this ever tried to reason with a person who is intoxicated. Those of you who have know that reasoning with an intoxicated person is futile. If you are convicted of impaired driving, the court has the power to order that an alcohol detection device be installed in your vehicle at the vehicle owners expense.. Why wait until then? Why wait until somebody is seriously hurt or dies?

What we should do is install these devices at the time of manufacture? It would only add about $200 to the cost of the vehicle. This seems like a no brainer but the establishments selling liquor might complain that this would cut down on their revenue. Law enforcment might complain that they might not need as many cops, etc.

Driverless cars can not drive intoxicated. Driverless vehicles can not be distracted. They can not go fast to impress their buddies or girls. But until we have driverless cars, should we let people die? 

The laws on distratced driving say we can not use our cell phones while drivng. This is a great idea. But why then do they allow 7 inch screens in the dash?

I would like to ask  Mr. Trudeau Mr. Mulcair and all other leaders, provincial and federaly what do they plan on on doing about these extremely important issues.